Start Business with AVON : Newcastle

With Avon you will not pay out money up front. You will get everything you need to go ahead and start your Avon business on day 1. Full training is provided to ensure you reach your potential and earn what you need to earn. You set your own goals, full or part time, even just flexi time. You will receive some amazing FREE gifts as you go, samples, products, business tools too. You choose your hours and fit it in with your current commitments. The more you sell = the more you earn. You need internet access at home. You must be 18yrs+ You can also chose to be an Avon Sales Leader, where you still sell your AVON plus teach others how to sell. Avon will reward you with additional payments. The more people you teach the more AVON sold the more you earn. You are independent, you have no boss but yourself ! You have the support of the global giant – AVON It’s Fun with Flexible hours. Text me if you prefer on 07427081647 with your name and 1st 3 digits of your postcode. We will call straight away